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Mining Rehabilitation Guarantees

The challenge faced by mining companies is how to make provisions for the mine closure and associated rehabilitation costs without tying locking up a significant amount in cash for deposits or utilize their credit facilities. Nordic Guarantee’s mining rehabilitation guarantees have been developed to overcome this challenge by providing the required guarantee to the relevant authorities in the country where the mine is located.

We have a highly skilled team of mining experts making sure that all aspects from geology, technology to local market knowledge and legislation are covered. With our mining rehabilitation guarantees we enable mining companies to comply with local legislations, free up credit lines and improve their cashflow and working capital.

We analyze every guarantee based on the precise nature of the mine’s need, considering:

  • Its technical ability to perform compliant with its mining program
  • Its financial ability to sustain its operations into the future
  • The quality and life of the mine’s reserves and resources

This detailed assessment allows us to take an informed view of the mining operation when underwriting, translating into several benefits for our clients:

  • Our guarantees cater for companies from all segments of the industry, from smaller, younger operations to established blue chip mining companies
  • We follow a more commercial, business-friendly approach to setting up the guarantee facility
  • We understand the changing needs of our clients and adapt our facilities accordingly
  • We charge competitive rates

Nordic Guarantee is the obvious choice when you need a mining rehabilitation guarantee!

We specialize in providing Bonds- full stop!  As a result, we possess the skill-set and specialist expertise to deal with anything relating to Bonds. Our Bond-products are designed to meet the industry standards.  However, should you have a unique requirement, we are willing and able to propose a customized solution to suit your business. Overall, our Bonds serves to improve your liquidity without compromising its existing bank credit facilities. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on a straightforward, fast and convenient application process.

Nordic Guarantee´s mining rehabilitation team is based at our office in Helsinki, Finland and they service all Nordic Guarantee’s market areas. For further information regarding mining rehabilitation guarantees please contact Tommi Suikki, tommi.suikki@nordg.com, +358106338106 or Tommy Högström tommy.hogstrom@nordg.com, +358106338101

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