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Renewable Rental Guarantee

Depending on the project development model and the financial structure of the project, some developers may choose to lease the land rather than owning it.

In many cases, when the land is leased for a long period of time such as the required by a standard renewable energy project, the owner of the land may require a rental guarantee to secure the future payment of the lease.

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Advance Payment Guarantees

Guarantees required by project owners from an EPC contractor, sub-contractors, key component supplier if funds are disbursed in advance (typically a % of the contract amount) of the construction phase.

Grid Connection & Auction Guarantees

Grid Connection and Auction Guarantees are required by public authorities in certain countries to be able to develop Renewable Energy Projects. 

Power Purchase Agreement Guarantees

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) obligations often require guarantees from the power producer to secure the delivery on the amount of energy, at a particular price and from a renewable source of origin to the power purchaser.

Decommissioning Guarantees

Special long-term guarantees to secure compliance with environmental regulations when decommissioning renewable energy plants at the end-of-life.

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