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Report a misconduct

What is a misconduct?

We at Nordic Guarantee constantly work to maintain a high ethical standard and act responsibly in everything we do. It is important to us that any irregularities are detected as early as possible so that we can intervene.

You can report any misconduct at Nordic Guarantee. It may concern suspicions of something that is illegal, unethical, or inappropriate, such as serious irregularities concerning accounting, auditing, corruption, criminality in banking and finance, or other serious irregularities concerning the vital interests of the company or the lives and health of individuals.

Who can report a misconduct?

In addition to employees at Nordic Guarantee, all people who have a work-related connection to Nordic Guarantee for example job seekers, interns, consultants, suppliers, or other partners can report a misconduct.

If you are a customer and you suspect that Nordic Guarantee or an employee of Nordic Guarantee is breaking the law, or you suspect other serious conditions, we would also like to hear from you.

How does the reporting process work

You have the right to remain completely anonymous when you report a misconduct. We use the external system SpeakUp to manage the reporting process at Nordic Guarantee. No information about the notifier will be disclosed unless you as the notifier want it to. The reporting system is encrypted, is password protected, and is adapted to maintain the greatest possible secrecy and confidentiality for the notifier.

Please note that if you, as a customer, are not satisfied with your specific guarantee product, insurance product or claims settlement, please use the claims procedure or the complaints handling procedure.


By clicking on the link below, you will leave our website and be forwarded to our external system for reporting misconducts.