Companies which trade with countries that fall outside the European Union must invariably pay taxes and duties to the customs authorities. In instances where the customs authorities awarded a credit permit, this would be subject to the business lodging security against its liability to the authorities. This security can take the form of a Nordic Guarantee Customs Bond which would be issued on your behalf in favour of the customs authorities.

Nordic Guarantee is the obvious choice when you need a Rental Bond

We specialise in providing Bonds- full stop!  As a result, we possess the skill-set and specialist expertise to deal with anything relating to Bonds. Furthermore, a Customs Bond provided by Nordic Guarantee afford clients the same protection and security as a Bank Guarantee. Our Customs Bond-products are designed to meet the industry standards.  However, should you have a unique requirement, we are willing and able to propose a customised solution to suit your business. Overall, our Customs Bond serves to improve your liquidity without compromising its existing bank credit facilities. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on a straightforward, fast and convenient application process with no hidden setup fees or administration costs.