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Combined Construction Bond

Most construction contracts contain a clause which require the contractor to pledge collateral with the contract owner as security that the undertaking in terms of the contract will be fulfilled. This collateral would then remain in place during the construction period, as well as the maintenance period that follows. Nordic Guarantee’s Combined Construction Bond can serve to replace the security issued in favour of the contract owner.  Our Combined Construction Bond is in fact a unique combination of our Performance Bond- and Maintenance Bond products.

The specific Combined Construction Bond you may require will depend on the nature of the agreement you wish to secure.  Unlike usual insurance policies, Combined Construction Bonds are not subject to payment of a First Loss, Excess payment or a Deductible.  Combined Construction Bonds relate to specific agreements/ contracts and are invariably only valid for limited periods.  Although a Combined Construction Bond is an irrevocable document, there is no requirement to return the original document after the Combined Construction Bond lapses.  This is one example how we strive to make your live a little bit easier.

Nordic Guarantee is the obvious choice when you need a Combined Construction Bond

We specialize in providing Bonds- full stop!  As a result, we possess the skill-set and specialist expertise to deal with anything relating to Bonds. Our Bond-products are designed to meet the industry standards.  However, should you have a unique requirement, we are willing and able to propose a customized solution to suit your business. Overall, our Bonds serves to improve your liquidity without compromising its existing bank credit facilities. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on a straightforward, fast and convenient application process.