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Erik Ljungren appointed CEO of Nordic Guarantee

Effective today the Board of Directors at Nordic Guarantee has appointed Erik Ljungren as the new CEO of Nordic Guarantee.

Erik Ljungren has been with Nordic Guarantee for 12 years and he has prior to his new appointment held the positions Chief Risk Officer and Chief Operating Officer.

Donny Gouveia, who has been CEO for the last 3 years, has been appointed CEO of the Insurety International Surety Alliance and he will be overall responsible for developing the global strategy for Insurety. Insurety consists of Nordic Guarantee (Nordic Countries) Lombard insurance (South Africa) and Assetinsure (Australia).

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank Donny for his excellent work during his time at the helm, when he, together with his team, has taken Nordic Guarantee to a new level. We have expanded our geographical scope, launched new products, reduced claims and improved underwriting, and during a very difficult Covid-19 period managed to deliver an impressive result for 2020”, says Peter Lindblad, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Peter Lindblad continues, “With the appointment of Erik Ljungren, with his long experience from various senior roles in Nordic Guarantee, we are confident that he will successfully continue to develop the company, and the build of a solid and sustainable business going forward”

Brief about Nordic Guarantee
Nordic Guarantee is one of the largest independent issuers of contract guarantees in the Nordic countries. We offer secure guarantees with short processing time and at a competitive price. We are 40 employees with offices in Stockholm, Malmö, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Oslo.

Press contacts:
Erik Ljungren, CEO, +46 765 27 65 05, e-mail erik.ljungren@nordg.com
Michael Gantén, Chief Marketing Officer, +46 765-27 65 17, e-mail michael.ganten@nordg.com