The handling of complaints takes place promptly and we do our best to give you a quick response to your case. The first step for us is to identify the problem and find a sustainable solution for the individual problem.

If we cannot resolve the issue immediately, please do the following:

• Within three days of receiving your application you will receive a written confirmation. It also shows who with us who handles the case.

• Our goal is to complete the complaint cases within 14 working days and to keep you informed of what happens to the case on an ongoing basis. Making a complaint is free of charge. If a complaint is not met, you always receive a written justification for this.

• If you are a private individual and have questions about your case (and this is not related to business activity) you can also contact the Consumer Insurance Agency and / or the Consumer Agency / Hello Consumer for advice. Many municipalities also offer consumer guidance. Please look at your municipality’s website if it exists in your municipality.

• If you are still not satisfied after we have answered your case, you, who is a consumer, can have a dispute examined by the General Complaints Board. You can also always turn to public court. Contact the nearest district court if you want to know more.

Konsumenternas Försäkringsbyrå (Consumer Insurance Agency)

Box 24215

104 51 Stockholm (Karlavägen 108)


Tel: 020-022 58 00

The Consumer Agency

651 02 Karlstad


Tel: 0771-725 725

General Complaints Board (Allmänna reklamationsnämnden)

Box 174

101 23 Stockholm


Tel: 08-508 860 00


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