More than often, landlords would require their tenants to provide some form of security against future rental payments.  The tenant would be able to supply a Nordic Guarantee’s Rental Bond as a security deposit to the landlord at the start of a tenancy period.  Nordic Guarantee is licensed to assist by issuing this Rental Bond on your behalf.

Nordic Guarantee is the obvious choice when you need a Rental Bond.

We specialise in providing Bonds- full stop!  As a result, we possess the skill-set and specialist expertise to deal with anything relating to Bonds. Furthermore, a Rental Bond provided by Nordic Guarantee afford clients the same protection and security as a Bank Guarantee. Our Rental Bond-products are designed to meet the industry standards.  However, should you have a unique requirement, we are willing and able to propose a customised solution to suit your business. Overall, our Rental Bond serves to improve your liquidity without compromising its existing bank credit facilities. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on a straightforward, fast and convenient application process with no hidden setup fees or administration costs.

FastTrack – Control and overview, whenever you require

Our FastTrack online solution allows you to order new bonds, or to review and administer your existing bonds. This service is simple, cost-free and accessible at any time.



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